Berritzegune Nagusia

Blogs: Technology at School

As the internet is increasingly infuencing over our lives, blogs are a good example of the way we can use it to exchange  knowledge and ideas.

Blogs can be a powerful tool for both  students and teachers.

In fact, they are not difficult to use, as they do not require much technical knowledge and can be quickly created and easily maintained.

There are many educational benefits from blogs, as they are excellent for motivating students, they give  good opportunities to read and write and they enable scaffolded learning.

Blogs serve at least four basic functions:

1. Classroom management: they can be used to post handouts and homework assignments.

2. Collaboration, providing a spot where teachers and pupils can work and develop writing or other skills.

3. Discussions, as they give opportunities to discuss topics outside the classroom.

4. Student Portfolio: students’ productions can be displayed as digital portfolios.

Getting started: Here you will find a basic tutorial on how to set up a blog using the Blogger platform.



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