Berritzegune Nagusia

Social Media and Lesser Used Languages

The Mercator Research Centre/Fryske Akademy in Ljouwert successfully conducted its sixth joint annual European Expert Seminar in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Country.

This seminar was held in Ljouwert, the Netherlands, last November 28-30 and this year’s theme was ‘Social Media and Lesser Used Languages’.

The experts, language planners, practitioners and education representatives gathered in Ljouwert had the opportunity to hear about the most recent studies and experiences in the field of multilingualism, to exchange their findings and to discuss the newest developments. The keynotes carefully selected for presentations were diverse in light of the particular, social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts of its country concern, but, at the end, most experts concluded that the worries, the interests and the hopes are quite similar worldwide, so all are meeting on equal terms. You can see the attached programme for further details.

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